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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Vancouver, Portland, Oregon, and Washington

Carpet & Upholstery

At CWM, we understand that keeping carpets and upholstery perfectly maintained says a great deal about the kind of company you are. It tells clients that you care not only about them but about your employees as well. Deep cleaning is healthy for everyone who visits your workplace and lends to a beautiful ambiance. We utilize the newest techniques and cleaning products to keep your business place sparkling clean to maintain your company appeal.

Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

We use the following techniques depending on the need:


Carpet bonnet cleaning is very similar to hard floor buffing. It uses a rotary floor machine with a rotary or oscillating brush or pad. After the cleaning solution is sprayed to the surface the round bonnet works the solution into the carpet and the spinning motion attracts dirt and odor and removes it. This method can have a very short dry time.


Encapsulation is a process that crystalizes dirt or soil and dries on contact. This allows the encapsulation cleaning solution to be applies to the carpets using a bonnet. The cleaning solution literally surrounds or encapsulates the dirt and causes it to crystallize. This process stops dirt from attaching itself to carpet fibers. Vacuuming easily removes the encapsulated soil particles. This process is low moisture so does not need much drying time and carpets can be used quickly after cleaning. This method is very environmentally friendly.

  • Worker cubicles
  • Convention centers
  • Schools and classrooms
  • Theaters
  • Senior living facilities
  • Department stores
  • Retail stores
  • Doctor, dentist and other medical practitioner offices
  • Retail stores
  • Doctor, dentist and other medical practitioner offices
  • Showrooms

IICRC Truck mount extraction

We are proud to be IICRC Certified. IICRC is The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification. The IICRC is a certification and standard-setting nonprofit organization for the inspection, cleaning and restoration industries. The IICRC serves the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan, in partnership with regional and international trade associations.

Truck mount extraction is a hot water extraction method that is very powerful. It can reach to the farthest corner and has the capacity for heavy duty cleaning. It’s the preferred method for the best results.

Start moving toward a cleaner and healthier environment right away. Your family and friends will feel the difference!

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We Are a Green Company

  • our employees are trained to use green cleaning techniques We train our employees utilizing green cleaning techniques for eco-friendly and healthy working or home enviornments.
  • Protect the health of your employees and customers Utilizing green cleaning services improves the health of employees and customers.
  • Reduce employee employee sick timeKeep your staff productive by reducing the risk of sickness with green cleaning products.
  • Our Green products meet with clean product standardsGreen cleaning products meet the standards for skin absorption combustability and inhalation toxicity.